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Houston Home Selling Process: Sell House In Houston

Free Resources For Selling Your Houston Home 
6 Tips To Sell Your Home in Today's Crazy Real Estate Market
5 Ways to Speed Up Your Houston Home Sale

Given the market's turmoil, the average time-on-market for Houston homes have been increasing.  Looking to sell your home quickly?  It's important to have a good understanding of local conditions and position your home in the most favorable light . . . 

The Two Most Important Factors When Selling Your Home

1) Marketing - Real estate marketing is about more than putting a sign in the yard. Showcasing your home should be just about broad exposure, but getting the right information to the right people at the right time. For example, did you know that today, more than 75% of home buyers begin their search online? Does your Realtor have a strong web presence? It's more important than ever that your home is featured well online. Did you know that the average age of a newspaper reader is 55 years old? As different buyers use different mechanisms to find information, it’s critical that your home is marketed creatively & effectively. Each home is different, and it's important that your Realtor provide you with a customized and unique marketing strategy that maximizes your home’s exposure by highlighting its positive features.

2) Price - Really, price is a function of marketing. For example, the best marketing in the world can’t help a McDonald’s hamburger sell for $1,000,000. Why? Because buyers disagree with the value of the product. But, the best marketing in the world can sell a McDonald’s hamburgers at $1.00 because buyers agree with the product’s value. The same is similar with home prices. It’s important to price your home in line with comparable homes because that is a proven value line that buyers understand. It takes great marketing to get the buyer into your home & price is one of the marketing features that attracts buyers to visit. At the end of the day, a well-marketed, well-priced home is the best way to sell your home.

The best & fastest way to get the marketing & price right is to engage an experienced Realtor who understands the dynamics of your neighborhood. 

If you're serious about selling your Houston home in the near future & you’d like to receive a customized marketing & pricing plan developed specifically for your property, 
email me or call me at 713-384-5177.  

Free Resources For Selling Your Houston Home

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Houston Home Sale

1. Price your home right. Set a price at the lower end of your property's realistic price range. It's much better to price the house lower initially, get multiple offers and 'bid up' the price than to leave your Houston home on the market for months without getting much interest.

2. Get your house 'market ready' for at least two weeks before you begin showing it. Click here for additional 
home staging tips.

3. Be flexible about showings. It is often disruptive to have a house ready to show on the spur of the moment, but the more often someone can see your property, the sooner you'll find a seller.

4. Be ready for the offers. Decide in advance what price and terms you'll find acceptable. Pre-set how much you're willing to negotiate on your original list price, so the emotions of the negotiations don't make you lose sight of the bigger picture.

5. Be flexible on terms if need be. If your house has been on the market for more than 60 days without a showing, be prepared to lower your asking price.

Click here for more Houston home sale tips.

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